Finally Finished My Taxes


I started filing my taxes a month or two ago, but once I saw that I owed them $130 I quickly “got distracted” and purposely put them off. The cut off date kept looming nearer and I dreaded finishing them more and more. Everyone I talked to was so excited for their tax return, talking about all the things they bought and did. I however, got a knot in my stomach knowing I had yet to finish them. The reason that I owed money was because for the lat four months of 2012 I was a booth renter at a salon and it counted as having my own business. Part of filing my taxes was gathering all my receipts and adding up all my expenses. I had also gotten really sick last year and had a lot of medical bills to go through. Neither of these things was exciting so this was another reason for putting my filing on hold. Plus, I’m a master procrastinator and liked the challenge of waiting until the last minute.

Alas, with the cut off date only a week away, I decided to sit down today on my day and finally finish filing my taxes. It was tedious, agonizing work, but after two hours of going through my medical bills and hair supplies I was finally able to complete them.

My end result: I am getting a REFUND of $139. It’s not much, but at least I don’t owe anymore. It’s also not that much considering I had to pay $49.95 fee to use H & R Block online. I had to use the deluxe package since I had my own business. Sad day.


This is exactly how I felt today after finishing my taxes.


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